Green Acres

Clear Round Results - 9th Sept

09 September, 2017
First Place

Clear Round Competition was held at Greenacres on Saturday the 9th of September. It was well attended with all participants having a great time. 

A summary of some results from the competition as well as photos can be found below:

Best Turn Out First Ridden Riding Club Pony
1st Imogen and Rio 1st Cassidy and Skye 1st Georgia and Darcy
2nd Hattie and Scooby 2nd Edith and May 2nd Imogen and Rio
3rd Francesca and Brethany 3rd Chloe and Thomas 3rd Edith and May
4th Charlie and Dandy 4th Fredericka and Coco 4th Chloe and Thomas
5th Ellie Anna and Simba 5th Georgia and Darcy 5th Fredericka and Coco
6th Cassidy and Skye 6th Charlie and Dandy 6th Francesca and Brethany